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Retreat was certainly not the most favorite word of Genghis Khan the Conqueror [1162-1227]. But around 1220, he had to retreat from one of his expansionist campaigns. To create a new administration center for his new vast empire, he founded the city of Karakorum on the edge of a huge plateau in the center of Mongolia, where the Orkhon River exits the Khangai Mountains.

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Accommodation & Hospitality

The Genghis Khan Retreat brings comfort, luscious food and some luxury to the steppes. Guests stay in spacious gers with specially crafted beds and furniture.



Explore a wide range of adventurous activities and excursions while enjoying your camp stay and experience the most unspoiled, rugged and breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

The Genghis Khan
Polo Club

The Genghis Khan Polo Club was established in 1996 to create a base for International equestrian community and to revive the sport of polo in Mongolia. Polo was once a training method of the Mongol cavalry during the Middle Ages.

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