At the end of August, international players from countries like New Zealand, Argentina, Germany, England, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, USA, and other countries around the world, join our Mongolian players in a multi-day tournament for the best polo in High Asia.

The Genghis Khan Polo Cup is a unique event, coupling the skill and refinement of the sport of polo with the endurance and toughness of Mongol culture, riders, and horses.

Please email us to find out more information about participating in the tournament.

Other Events


Throughout the summer months of June, July and August, many herder families in Mongolia host a summer festival called Naadam. In addition, the Genghis Khan Retreat holds several of those small Naadams throughout the summer, usually inviting some 30 families from the neighborhood. Horseracing is the main attraction of a Naadam, followed by wrestling, bow and arrow shooting and, of course, a polo match. The start and finish of the horse race will always be on the grounds of the Genghis Khan Retreat.

The Genghis Khan Polo Cup

In the third week of August, the Genghis Khan Retreat hosts a week-long polo tournament, mixing local and international players. Throughout the summer, there are many small polo tournaments.

Young Riders of the world

During the summer, the Genghis Khan Retreat runs a Summer Training Camp for Mongol children, mostly from herder’s families. The children receive polo training but are also introduced to other sports, to art, music, and English.

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