This camp offers the one thing every sophisticated traveler craves: an experience that is utterly unrepeatable anywhere else on the planet.

Sophy Roberts, Condé Nast Traveler.

Genghis Khan Retreat comes and goes from June to September without a trace – a perfect example of small-scale, high-end eco-tourism that conserves the land it only temporarily adopts.

Catherine Fairweather, Porter Magazine.

The most amazing experience of my life. The scenery is unbelievable, the horses are so tough and so much fun! And the camp itself is just incredible, the staff are amazing. I could not recommend this place more, it truly has something for everyone.

Grace, Australia.

Absolutely magical!

Kate, Australia.

Mongolia blew we away. Its vastness and remoteness, the pristine mountains and valleys, the crystal blue skies and rivers, and the harshness of the environment, which would only intensify in water.

What makes this place truly special are the Mongolians themselves, who carve a life of survival against the elements every single day, and yet manage to gather for an impromptu wrestling match, play a nail biting game of wild horse catch, or embellish a wooden vermillion door with colorful cheeky illustrations, and laugh warmly at the silliest of jokes.

For our trip to Mongolia being immersed into this simple, grounding way of life, embraced by the residents of Genghis Khan Polo Club, and coupled by the absence of all urban distractions, that allowed us to slow down, notice, appropriate, connect, bond and experience humanity at its best. And it changed us forever.

Katerina, Hong Kong.

Camp was a breath of fresh air for the mind, body & soul. There are few places in today’s world where you can truly get away from it all. It was such a unique experience to step out of your traditional ger and take in the incredible views over the Orkhon Valley. The wonderful staff at camp is the soul of the place and welcomes you into their home in a way I have only experienced in Mongolia.

Tyrone, Ireland.

A magical destination full of Mongolian charm. It takes you into the wilderness of the Steppe while providing a luxurious experience. Don’t miss the chance to visit this incredible place.

Shrives, United Kingdom.

Great location, very friendly and professional staff, Lizzie and the team were great.

Tsering Dolkar Lama, Nepal.

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