Environmental and Social
Sustainability Policy

Genghis Khan Retreat is located within Mongolia’s Orkhon Valley — a national park. We follow the best models developed by our sustainability partners in other parts of the world.

The Genghis Khan Retreat has over 30 gers - differing sizes offering great comfort in the wilderness. In winter, the campsite is not utilized. It is packed and stored, literally disappears leaving no hard footprint on the fragile landscape. This is as light a footprint as eco-tourist models can get: here one minute, gone the next, with zero use of concrete or hard foundations.

The project originally started as a social initiative to maintain and help to preserve the local nomadic culture. Sustainability within the community has been therefore the focal point of this scheme.

Our project directly employs staff from some 30 local nomadic families year-round. When the camp is not in use, the same families are committed to the husbandry of our herds. We breed our own animals — horses, sheep, goats and yaks, and produce our own dairy products. During the winter season, some of the families are engaged in creating and maintaining the gers, crafting the woodwork, the felts, the furniture and the paint work.

Our animals are attended by regular veterinary visits to ensure their general wellbeing and good health. One of our neighbor’s daughters, Doda - a great rider and polo player, is now studying veterinary science at the University of Ulan Bator supported by us. Two more candidates are selected to study Bachelors degree in New Zealand - a project that will be fully financed by the Young Riders
of the World.

Wages are fair, equitable, and evenly distributed between men and women, with salaries in proportion with any price rises we charge our guests. This is a collective effort to ensure the camp’s long-term sustainability and the rural community. Each year, significant funds are re-invested to support young Mongols as part of our Young Riders of the World, which is an official Mongolian NGO. The Young Riders of the World Charity has been operating for some 10 years and hosted nearly 500 children. Local children are provided with daily classes in
English, art, music, riding and polo.

GK Polo Club

Our waste is separated into organic, recyclable and general household. Genghis Khan Retreat supports the cleaning up efforts of the trails and tracks in the Orkhon National Park. We supply funds and physical help covering a distance of some 50 km East-West, along the Orkhon River. The camp has its own well and water is responsibly consumed.

The Retreat asks all our guests to limit the amount of polluting materials they bring along with them.

Lavatories are either long-drop, per the African safari model, or utilize eco-chemicals. Neither detract from the camp’s high standards, but they are non-invasive on our fragile environment.

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