The Genghis Khan Retreat brings comfort , luscious food and some luxury to the steppes.

Guests stay in spacious gers with specially crafted beds and furniture. The gers are cosy and snug covered with high-quality cashmere blankets, hot-water bottles and wood-burning stoves.

All gers are equipped with private lavatories. There are several bathing gers with traditional Japanese wooden bathtubs – probably one of the few places in the wilderness of High Asia where you can have a hot bubble bath.

Our kitchen is presided over by Mingma Sherpa, an extraordinary Nepali chef, as artful at making fresh Mongolian dumplings, or Italian pasta dishes. In the evenings, dinners are candlelit, accompanied by good house wines. Prior to dinner there is often a piano concert. Sometimes travelling artists in the region are invited to be part of the camp’s evening parties.

Camp in Adventure & Style

We have a staff of 35 people taking care of guest accommodation, food and sports activities. We keep our guests numbers limited to 20 to 25 at a time. This ratio gives us the best possible balance to deliver our services.

It is suggested that guests stay a week or more at the camp. A personalised itinerary and proposal for activities and places to visit can be worked out together once we know preferences and abilities.

Start Your Journey!

Get ready to explore an extraordinary and unforgettable stay in the untamed frontiers of the Mongolian steppes. For more information, contact us now to plan your dream visit or vacation.