Saddle up and ride in some of the most unspoilt,
rugged and breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

The Genghis Khan Polo Club was established in 1996 to create a base for International equestrian community and to revive the sport of polo in Mongolia. Polo was once a training method of the Mongol cavalry during the Middle Ages. In addition, GKPC provides training and support to a young generation of Mongol riders, an opportunity to develop life-long friendships and broaden
their horizons.

GK Polo Club

an Extraordinary Adventure Polo and Riding Destination Overlooking the Orkhon River in Mongolia

Besides daily excursions and riding, guests interested in playing polo are welcome to join in daily stick and ball training sessions. Chukkas are played and polo tuition is available from our experienced polo instructors. Throughout the summer several polo tournaments take place. For the Genghis Khan Polo Cup at the end of August, international guests join our Mongolian players, in a multi-day tournament, for the best
polo in High Asia.

Each summer Genghis Khan Polo Club hosts approximately thirty children from all around Mongolia to join the Children’s Camp. They learn the sport of polo, an ideal discipline complementing their extraordinary equestrian skills.

The Genghis Khan Polo Club is not run for profit. It is dedicated to the education and training of young Mongol polo players.

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